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CSR of Nexus-Shinozaki Transport & Logistics

Chairman Yasuo Shinozaki

The Nexus Group upholds the company precept of having a “mind for gratitude” in all aspects of its distribution business to sustain contributions to “People, Company and Society.”
Based on this way of thinking, the defining nature of CSR activities as management targets serves to support searches for new business models to meet the fast paced change of social needs. Through continued progress of corporate value, people, and society our company contributes to the provision of new value through Distribution.

Our concept of safety is dictated by three the three words “Safety, Security, and Stability” to sustain our part with environmental protection and maintain the safety of public roads.

In 2007, a “Three K Vision“ was devised to set forth a business strategy in the following three growth areas, “environmental, health, and welfare.” Our business strategy ties in closely with the basic policy of CSR activities.