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Shinozaki Transportations’ procurement distribution solutions remain flexible in its approach to the varying supply chain management needs of each and every customer.

Procurement Distribution Support by Milk Run & TC Centre

Milk Run’s procurement distribution technique, used mainly by the auto industry, has application to many diverse fields and industries.
As a supplier side procurement distribution method, routes run by the methodology of Milk Run helps to reduce inventory requirements by taking advantage of just-in-time deliveries, thereby effectively reducing product pricing.
Based on the customer’s location, day of the week and amount of material, Shinozaki Transportation will draw up a comprehensive Milk Run plan (including arrangements for Transfer Centre (TC), or Thru methodology), accompanied with the advantages of cross docking structures.

A Milk Run (example)

Procurement Support by Administration of VMI Centre

As the name indicates, Vendor Managed Inventory VMI is an inventory management technique in which the manufacturer is responsible for controlling the inventory of a distributor.
In traditional logistics, vendors controlling and processing their own orders are responsible for administering their own inventory. With VMI, the supplier of the goods or commodities, support the optimization and order-placement of inventory held by the vendor or distributor.
Implementing VMI can help to run a tighter supply chain by keeping down inventory costs; however, it may be a difficult logistical balance for the vendor, who has to control individual logistics centre’s to perform these procedures.
As a logistics provider, Shinozaki will make sure that your VMI involvement will reduce your supply chain costs.

Our company utilizes the local distribution centre used by a cooperation of vendor companies, to make use of VMI distribution servicing zones.
With VMI, vendors supply products for procurement with the appropriate inventory control, and utilization of Just-In-Time delivery techniques in cooperation with a system driven by the proper Information Technology applications.

VMI Method (example)

Buyers Consolidation Procurement Support

By grouping goods and products at a neighbouring port to prepare for container transport, our buyer consolidation service realizes a reduced-cost shipping shame for procurement of imports or exports from plural, international production bases.
Instead of entrusting logistics to a supplier performing FCL arrangements, it is possible arrange transportation for frequent, small-lot volume leading to a reduction in excess inventory at the warehouse.
Shinozaki Transportation interfaces with local business partners in China, Korea and Asia to provide Buyer Consolidation procumbent to Japan.
Procurement of FTZ users utilizing the Busan port are not only advantageous to Unitary Nations, but also to a plurality of countries consolidating logistics from zone to zone.
Considerably effective physical distribution and the benefits of ongoing improvement measures will provide crucial advantages to your competitiveness. Please contact us to become more apparent of these advantages.

Our Buyer Consolidation (example)