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Distribution Centre Administration

Administration of the distribution centre is a very important factor in sales distribution.
In comparison to the usual handling and freight of manufacturers of pallet case and casing exteriors, there is a higher degree of difficulty associated to the control of receiving and shipping for retail sales in units of piece and ball (rounded shapes) requiring a distribution company, with ample experience and capability to hold down costs.
Not only a distribution company for manufacturers, Shinozaki Transportation has a long history of running retail distribution centre, supply chain logistics for a variety of industries and customers.

Major Discount Supermarket (example)

Major Discount Supermarket (example)

Our company manages outsourcing operations for a 19,834 m2 facility, offering large lot DC and TC distribution functions for processed food, miscellaneous articles, and other non-food articles for discount supermarket vendors.
In addition to the operations of our distribution facility, Shinozaki Transportation undertakes the duties of store delivery as well.

Major Discount Supermarket (example)

The annual handling of distribution from our facility, amounts to a currency volume of JPY30,000,000,000 requiring a 365 day year around delivery to prospective retail establishments.
Shinozaki Transportation unites business with the distribution technology platform of Digital Picking System (DPS), Digital Assort System (DAS), Multicar Picking (Matehan Device) to handle small lot load, and raise work efficiencies. With the realization of an average of 5,000 cases sorted in one full hour, our move to our current distribution centre has improved our internal operations and overall cost performance.

Major Discount Supermarket (example)

Cooperative Distribution

With cooperative distribution, it is now possible for plural companies to achieve scale, with load efficiencies and cost reductions through joint deliveries.

Shinozaki Transportation supports the building of cooperative distribution in various industries.